Blocked Sweat Glands in Armpit

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Blocked Sweat Glands in Armpit – Causes and Treatments

Armpits are a place where sweat glands become blocked easily. It is related to the factors that facilitate blocked sweat gland: armpits are usual place of excessive sweating, folding of the skin and the presence of the hair follicles.

Why Sweat Glands in Armpit Become Blocked?

The majority of studies show that blocked sweat glands in armpit and in fact anywhere on the body can be triggered by two factors:  Staphhylococus epidermitis bacteria that lives harmless on the skin and are the part of the human skin flora and excessive sweating. When combined with excess sweating, these bacteria may create a sticky substance and cause blocked sweat glands.

What Skin Conditions Can Be Caused by Blocked Sweat Glands?

Typical condition caused by the blocked sweat glands is Heat Rash (also Prickly Heat Rash or Miliaria). It is not a harmful skin condition, but  may be itchy and uncomfortable.

There is some correlation between amount of Staphylococus epidermitis bacteria on the skin and severity of clogged sweat glands. One study showed that those people who had blocked sweat glands had several times higher amount of these bacterial on the skin compared to other people.

In fact, any skin area that is tightly covered for some time (for instance,  covering polyethylene on the skin area for more than 24 hours) can easy cause blocked sweat glands and may result in heat rash.

It should be noted that in normal quantities Staphylococus epidermitis bacteria is beneficial to the skin because it regulates the skin’s acidity level and helps to prevent more dangerous microbes from entering the skin.

There is no clear reason why some people might have higher levels of these bacteria on the skin as others.

Other common skin condition that can be caused by blocked sweat glands in armpits is skin abscesses or boils. Typically the reason is Staphylococcus aureus bacteria that can be found on the otherwise healthy skin.  When sweat glands are clogged, it makes easier for bacteria to enter under the skin and cause boils to develop.  Skin abscesses are not the sign of serious health condition. However, abscesses are more likely to develop for people with diabetes.

What is a Treatment for Blocked Sweat Glands in Armpit?

  • First of all, try to limit excessive sweating. Avoid being in hot and humid environment.
  • Do not wear tight synthetic clothing. Choose loose cotton clothing that allows skin to breathe.
  • Use antibacterial soap or gel to regularly wash armpits.
  • You may try some home remedies, such as applying watermelon pulp on affected areas. It is said to help to unblock sweat glands.
  • Also, try to drink several glasses of fresh lime juice daily. Lime juice helps to cool down the body and skin. The same effects are from drinking the sugarcane juice.

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Blocked Sweat Gland Armpit
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